Earn Money from Home

Self employed – Earning money online from different platforms.

So you are reading this so that you can earn money from home like me! Here is my personal experience as a short summary.

First thing first there is no shortcut to earn money online. (as far my experience — unless you are damn lucky! ).

Lets divide the earning stuff in some categories something like scam and not scam!


How i know if earning some platform is scam or not. well to be sure 100% of specific platform it need to be experienced, but if you know the following parameters you will know that is scam !

Quick parameters to get idea if site is scam are.

Don’t pay for their site account.

Don’t work for free for months expecting payment.

There are number of sites online which are scam and target people who likes to work as data entry operator, to my experience those are 99% scam. What they tell you is to pay for some account and they will provide data entry work daily and claim to pay at the end of the month, and by the end of month when you expect payment you get no response or delayed like for more months.

Not Scam!

Here comes the real stuff that really earn something online. But first you need to answer the question.

what are your skills?

that is important question, what actually you can do. Are you Designer ? Are you programmer ? Not skilled as much but aware of computer skills?

1. For the designer and developers it’s not hard to earn money, there is number of platforms you can use to work and also build up your skills.
Some of most popular platforms are
and list goes on (will write about them in next article specific to developers and designers)

2. For the non skilled persons you had to do spent some time to build your own base, like create a page on the Facebook and build your community(likes), by that you will have traffic in your hand that you can direct anywhere.

Once you have a community and traffic you need to have Google AdSense account. Yes! only Google pays out on the net most for the non skilled people. ( ofcource for skilled guys too )

Facebook page for community is just one option there are number of other ways to gather traffic.
For non skilled person other than Google there are other platforms like writing articles to earn, commission on sales etc.

I know at this point there are number of question to answer and there is too much detail on each specific point, i will be writing on each of them one at a time as i get time, this is just an overview.

remember this is my first ever article so ignore the issues if there is any… ☺
Here are some questions that i will try write about next.

how much person can earn.
How payments works.
which payment platform one should use.
Where to start if you are new.
If you have specific question do let me know.

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