How can i increase traffic of my site?

increase traffic

There were lots of techniques and strategies involved in getting traffic for a website. Most important is picking up a relevant and proper keyword and implement in your on-page correctly. And the second thing is off page how to make your website to reach out to the targeted people by doing submission, posting and running ads.

You can get decent and long term traffic by posting guest and article submissions, forums postings, press release and news letter, profile creations and bookmarking, communities and groups, social medias and ads on – Facebook, twitter and google.

Some Steps that can be followed.

  1. Determine your target group, even if this is a temporary definition.
  2. Determine whether you want to spend money or do it without spending money.
  3. If you have a budget you can get an agency, and advertise your site with Google Adwords.
  4. You can also buy an email list once you know your target group to do email campaigns or
  5. Start creating connections through FB, Linkedin Google+, Twitter etc. to then
  6. Start writing blogs, articles, white-papers on any topic that may interest your target group.
  7. Whatever you do, make sure there is a link (like “read more” or “find out about”) to your web-site.
  8. Connect with other sites so that when your target group visits another web-site they may find a link there to go to your site.
  9. Finally, although this list is by no means complete, you can do videos, photos, in a regular way or viral way that gets people’s attention, again with links to your web-site.

Last tip : Useful content and diversity

Hope this will help.