How should I design LOGO for my company?

When you do your logo, it should not be mistaken with just a fancy piece of design.

Consider the following when working on a logo:

  • first pick which type of look you need.
    • Word Brand : Simple letters can be your logo.
    • Abstract Brand: Abstract symbol can represent your business.
    • Letter-form Brand: Letters played with the look can be good option.
    • Emblem: Emblem looks usually in schools, gov offices usually follow.
    • Pictorial Brand: Pictorial based simple is best.
    • Web 2.0 Brand: Web 2.0 has as such no official description , commonly shinny effects falls in it.
    • Character Based Brand: the one most eye catching if designed clearly based on some character.
  • Decide on your brand colors. It needs to reflect the colors and message of your brand.
  • Try to keep it simple
  • Your startup name need be clearly readable. If your name consists of two or more words, try to use separate colors, size or capitalize first letter of each word to improve readability.
  • make it unique
  • Research online to see what kind of logos do other companies in the same business have.
  • Include graphical/icons to support the idea.
  • Save it in PNG file when saving for production use so you can easily use it on any bakground.

A logo designer company /Individual can help you come up with the right logo. Usually they offer various options to chose from, at we can offer great price with attractive output for your brand.

Hope it helps.



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