Visualization & Analyzing
Telecom Usage Patterns and Improving Services


Work for a telecom company that provides mobile and data services to its customers. The company aims to enhance customer satisfaction and optimize its services based on data-driven insights. You have access to a comprehensive dataset containing customer data, call data, SMS data, data usage, network quality, and billing information.


The objective of this case study is to analyze the visual charts derived from the dataset and extract meaningful insights to improve services, customer experience, and optimize costs.

Dataset Information

The dataset used in this case study comprises various aspects of the telecom industry, providing valuable insights into customer behavior, usage patterns, network quality, and billing information. The dataset is structured and organized to facilitate comprehensive analysis and decision-making. It is stored in a JSON file format, allowing easy accessibility and compatibility with various data analysis tools and programming languages. The dataset contains customer data, including customer ID, name, age, gender, contact details, and subscription dates. Additionally, it includes call data, SMS data, data usage, network quality metrics such as signal strength and call drop rates, and billing information encompassing total amounts, itemized charges, and billing periods. This rich dataset empowers telecom companies to gain a holistic understanding of their customers, optimize services, and drive business growth.

Example dataset

ID Name Age Gender Address Contact Number Email Address Subscription Start Date Subscription End Date Monthly Payment
Customer Data
Call IDCaller ID Receiver ID Call Start Time Call End Time Call Duration Call Type (local, international, roaming) Call Cost
Call Data
SMS ID Sender ID Receiver ID SMS Sent Time SMS Received Time SMS Cost
SMS Data:
Customer ID Data Usage ID DateUsage (in MB) Data Cost
Data Usage
Customer ID LocationSignal Strength Call Drop Rate Data Speed
Network Quality
Customer ID Billing Period Total Amount Itemized Charges (Call charges, SMS charges, Data charges, etc.)
Billing Information



Based on the analysis of the visual charts derived from the dataset, the following recommendations can be made to improve services and customer experience:

Implementing these recommendations will enable the telecom company to provide better services, enhance customer satisfaction, and stay competitive in the market.