Steps for Ruby on rails installation on windows 10 [64 bit]

Following are the Steps for setting Ruby on Rails on windows 10 :

  1.  Goto
  2.  Download Installer for windows, at the moment its Ruby 2.2 installer
  3. Install and select github option in installer.
  4. If there is error in terminal after installation (in messages)
    • update git from
    • overright folder C:/RailsInstaller/Git *while installing git-scm
    • Check the Option while installing  “select :Use Git From The Windows Command prompt”
  5. Install
  6. update rails Command is >> gem install rails –no-ri –no-rdoc
  7. Check all versions>>rails –v [if error check in command line check the rails.bat file in bin folder of Ruby in rails installer]**********my rails works with this bat file*************
    IF NOT “%~f0” == “~f0″ GOTO :WinNT
    ECHO.This version of Ruby has not been built with support for Windows 95/98/Me.
    @”%~dp0ruby.exe” “%~dpn0” %************************

    >>ruby -vv
    >>git –version

Other Recommended software 

  1. Install Ruby mine.
  2. Git Desktop






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